Monday, June 20, 2016

Just Another Love Story

Love story of two birds sitting in a branch of a tree

She was wearing a tutu,
                            Bending down -
tying the laces of her ballet shoes.
Thick, brown curls covered her face,
when he first saw her.

He was a janitor at the Opera House.

Peeping through the curtains,
He watched her.
She floated in the tunes of The Swan Lake.

He met her again,
                        on a breezy evening.
He was taking a walk in the park.
She sat on a bench alone -
waiting for someone, he guessed.

The breeze touched her face,
                                 as he looked at her.
The dark brown locks flew over her eyes.
He could remember nothing more.

Months passed...
While he met her often,
in the streets, at the Fro Yo shop,
in the park and the Opera House.

He watched her to know,
whom she waited for -
                              on that park bench.
But her magic hair always cast the spell!

A year had passed since he watched The Swan Lake.
He had a new employment now.

She was wearing a shroud,
                                   Lying down -
occupying the bed of Room No. 101.
She was tonsured,
when he saw her.

He was a housekeeper at the City Hospital.

While changing the curtains,
He looked at her.
She slept in peace after a long fight with Cancer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Cinderella running down the stairs

Dressed in blue
         with a gorgeous smile,
She came as a guest in the ball.
Charming Prince,
                 bound by her spell,
Kissed her hand, amongst all.

As she danced
                  with passion in heart,
The heels kept her feet to the ground.
He held her tight
                    with a ring in his hand.
She could hear her heart pound.

A glance at the clock,
                     the magic was gone,
She started to run in a hurry.
She bid him adieu,
                     but he chased her through.
His charms began to look all scary.

As she ran,
                    with a quest to be free,
She left her shoes on the stairs.
Search was ordered.
                      Soldiers were sent,
To hunt down the feet for the pairs.

Crowned as Prince,
                      with whims of love,
He brought her back to the palace.
Draped in jewels,
                      with dreams crushed,
Cinderella lives her captive days.