Monday, April 30, 2012

Matrimony and the Virtue of Ignorance

Life is a wonderful happening but it seems, it is little difficult to walk alone through this journey. Although I have not realized it yet but so does the preachings of the great familial visionaries say. 

While digging into these great vision I too got to see some images in front of my eyes, perhaps that is what one call vision. These visions hit me during my walks in the breezy evenings. The trees bow to respect the sanctity of the thoughts and the falling leaves give them a leap.

I realize, having someone to hold my hands or to peck me when the dusky light kisses my face seems great but imaginary of those moments seems more beautiful. But elders in our society love to make our dreams come true; according to them, the concept of imaginary seems to generate an unfulfilled, deserted life.

So, my family's quest to find an ideal groom to make me happy landed me on a matrimonial website. I discovered a new form of entertainment. People express interests, some woo through all means to get a nod and some cares a lot...this makes me feel like a queen; suddenly I grabbed so much attention which seems like a struggling actor getting too many Filmfare Awards in a single ceremony.

Thanks to my relatives whose continuous advice about a nuptial alliance got this toy into my hands. The most loveable thing about it is that everything here is virtual, though some of it do peep into the real.

My play with this fantastic toy gifted me a great virtue, i.e. ignorance. I never knew that life can be so blissful when we practice ignorance, I mean when we learn to ignore. Ignoring seemed to have been so difficult in the beginning but once you acquire the trait, it gives wings and it also becomes an addiction.

Thus, it was not easy for me to decline any of the requests but I realized that I cannot live with too many men, though I would love to, but it can get complicated. Now, when I have got hold of this virtue, I tend to ignore everything, whether real or virtual, that mismatches my perceptions. Thus, the world seems to be all mine in my own way.

The matrimonial quest also brought me across a fantastic family which peeped into the real from this virtual window. It was an encounter that I will cherish forever, which also provoked my creative fangs to extend and extract a plot for a script out of it.

However, marriage is an institution and I believe in the virtue of ignorance!