Friday, February 10, 2017


I am often numbed by nature.

So many sounds, so many visions, so many colours indeed!
Oh, wait! These are not the terms of nature.
These weren’t given.
But, we created it…
Like we created the barriers, the boundaries, the fences, the lines.
Like we created the war-zones, the weapons, the woes, the wounds.

I am often humbled by the depth of the oceans.
The uncanny gaze of the blue sky
Often renders me speechless.
Oh, wait! Are they meant to be what we call them?
Are they the ocean, the sea or the sky?
Yeah, we named them…
Like we named our beliefs, our bodies, our religions, our sexes.

I am often numbed at the thought of uttering a word
When I realize that it will make no sense to the butterfly sitting on my finger.
I am often numbed by my ignorance
When I realize my intellect fails
To comprehend the philosophy behind the barks of my dog.

Nature, and of course life, is supposed to be a flow, I guess.
But, we are caught in the loops of the words
That we invented...
Like we invented the ideas of power, possession, and property.
Like we invented the ideas of mine, ours and theirs.