Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When an Angel Manifests the Beast

It was not just another day. Yes, I say this because it does not happen daily when you witness the beast in an angel. The cosmic powers align to create a pseudo-black hole, to which the angel loses her aura. 

Her divinity is sucked. The fateful day reveals her basic instincts when her mind becomes the body. With the broken shell of aura, she touches the ground. The coarse soil hurts her. The angel, who was stubborn yet subtle; who saw things as they were yet who was dreamy, suddenly realizes her humane self. 

She discovers the traits she believed she did not possess. She fumbles at the sight of her bestial self. Her weak body acquires the prowess. At a moment her aggression takes over and she becomes all powerful; at the next instance, her prowess becomes her weakness and she breaks down. 

Yes, it is not easy for an angel to manifest the beast. It takes all, the body, the mind, and the soul. Thus the vicious circle encompasses life. Angel tastes the demonic divinity of a beast driven by instincts and she evolves being more divine!