Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Crush, Thoughts, Soumya

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Rain, silence, lonlely

Sitting for hours, on the wet grass,
I was looking at the yellow butterfly -
Flying from flower to flower,
Amused by the droplets, glistening on the tip of the grass.

It was a Friday afternoon!

I was waiting for you.
I mean, your touch.
The way you entangle your fingers between mine.
The way you tap my lips and look at my eyes.

I knew you would come soon!

I was staring at the stone,
With your name engraved.
Hoping... it brings our love to life.
Hoping... it heals our wounds.

I admit I live in a cocoon!

I looked up to the dark, nimbus cloud,
I was anticipating your arrival.
You came as a tempest with a lash of rain.
You kissed my lips and we were drenched.

I know, this silence is a boon!