Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Find My Escape Where Life Is

Life brings the world;
    I see, I perceive.
I crawl, I walk, I learn and unlearn,
Magic unfolds the mirth - 
And I realize what life is.

Life gives me voice, I speak.
   I stammer, I murmur - 
Life kisses me, I win.
Pace pulls my arm, I run.
I strive, I bleed, I search for escape;
Life offers its lap - 
And I rest in peace.

Life hurts hard, I stoop, I fall.
    Life holds my hand, I stand;
I hug it tight, I smile.
Life slaps me again, I shatter - 
Death comes for rescue and I utter : 
"You are not my escape but life is"

Friday, March 2, 2012

An Afternoon

It was a dry afternoon...there was no electricity. I was lying down on the bed with an intention to read the book I was holding, but my eyes resisted and I looked towards the window. The spotless, blue sky returned my gaze by its peeps through the canopies of branches that the trees have formed in front of the window. I could not ignore the intense gaze of the blue and got lost into it. I went on a voyage in the ether, not through the clouds as the sky was clear, but in the direction of the wind; sometimes anchoring onto the tamarind branches whose dry seeds have turned red now.
I know I am dreamy; but doesn’t the sky carry seeds of dreams that are borne by the air to be sown in the eyes of every being? My dreams lead to an escape to a place where every problem seems trivial.
My float was unending, as it only intended to stop if the earth agreed to stop rotating. But I had to halt in between, because electricity had made its appearance, and anchored on a branch of tree. I jumped through my window pane and entered my room. I looked back...the moving wind said good bye with the trees nodding to acknowledge my escape