Monday, August 24, 2015

My Bangalore Diary... The Beginning!

It has always been a pleasure to visit new places. Visiting a new city and becoming a part of it is even more cherishing.
I am indeed an immigrant soul.

The transition from being a tourist to becoming a resident does engender some woes. But... when the woes are organic, the healing comes from within.

Friends say, Bangalore, rather Bengaluru, is a city of opportunities and that is how the city peeped into our lives (i.e. mine and my husband's).

I kind of like the name Bengaluru. I mean, Bengal and Bengaluru have some cousin-like similarity, Oh my Bong connection!

The moment I entered the famed land of optimism, options, and opportunities, the city welcomed me with cold showers of rain. The rain-kissed roads ensured a traffic-stuck journey; the new city made sure to reveal most of its shades in the introduction.
I was courteous enough to greet it back with a blocked nose, sore throat and a bit of fever.

I was impressed. Come on! Which place ushers so much warmth that your body thermostat resets its temperature.

Bangalore Blues have just begun and I realize it when a 5KM journey takes more than an hour.

But, as I said before, Bengaluru is a land of optimism and it keeps bombarding you with blues until your vision adjusts itself to see VIBGYOR in the blues.

The Silicon Valley of India exhibits its corporate flavor in every aspect of life. The process, rather the struggle, to find a maid is no less than running a recruitment drive for an MNC (however, in my case it is an inadequately funded start-up).

The city has unleashed a new zeal in me. The regular struggle of not getting hit by a car, or a bike, or an auto, or a bus, or a cow, while walking on two-lane highways teaches one to appreciate life. Darwin's "survival of the fittest" is the mantra here.

So... that's how my Bangalore days begin...
I am still a new girl in the Garden city, hoping to find the gardens and trying to discover the shades of the rainbow in the blues.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happiness Is...

Am I happy?

It seems to be an eternal question... Am I happy?

The more I try to find an answer to it, the more I complicate the question.

I wonder again... Am I happy?

While meandering upon thoughts of complexities of life on a summer afternoon, I hear the sound of water droplets touching the ground. My olfactory senses the first rain of the season.
I run to my balcony and I realize that my lips are stretched... I am smiling.

I ask again... Am I happy?

Days have passed, but the question remains unanswered.

On a lazy evening, I reflect... Am I happy?
The question appears too difficult, so I try to investigate and I ask... Am I sad?

Thinking about my sadness, I go up to the terrace and look at the stars.
Unknown to my conscious, my mind starts counting them. I feel an ecstasy running through my body.

I wonder... Am I happy?

I wake up one morning wondering... Am I happy?
I hear the birds chirping. I walk to the veranda and find two squirrels at their mischievous best. I realize that I could sense joy.

I rethink... Am I happy?

I look at the morning dew... I smile.
I look at the setting sun... I smile.
I drench in the monsoon rain... I smile.

I feel the afternoon heat in winter... I smile.
I find an ice-cream vendor in the midnight... I smile.
I see kids playing in the mud... I smile.

I see my mother crushing candies in her phone... I smile.
I look at my husband sleeping in peace... I smile.
I look at my image in the mirror... I smile.

And I ask again... Am I happy?

The question remains an enigma... but I know what happiness is!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


                                                            Dressed in white
                                                                             with a beauty so calm...
                                                            Makes the mind embrace peace.

                                                            Fragrance so rich
                                                                              with a touch of love...
                                                            Seems the garden of Eden has come on earth.

                                                            Dancing with the wind
                                                                                in the rhythm of mirth;
                                                            And eternity reaches its ultimate height.

                                                            Below the shawl of
                                                                               the star studded sky,
                                                            The serene beauty wonders something...
                                                                               and the dew becomes her tears.

                                                            Woe touches her mind
                                                                               ecstasy surrounds her heart.
                                                            Fragrance rules the senses...
                                                                               and she shines in her glory.