Friday, November 30, 2012

The Kiss

It's a kiss ―
         when I feel touched.
My body shivers...
The world becomes a whirlpool!!!
And I can just see you.
Yes, it's a kiss!
I know, you kissed me.

It's a kiss ―
         when I feel loved.
My lips tremble...
A tempest blows the sky apart!!!!
And I can just hold you.
Yes, it's a kiss!
I know, I kissed you.

It's a kiss ―
         when I feel missed.
My heart cries...
Everything seems vanquished!!!
And I just know you.
Yes, it's a kiss!
I know, I kissed hope.

It's a kiss ―
         when I feel lost.
My eyes blink...
Every road leads to maze!!!
And you take me.
Yes, it's a kiss!
I know, I kissed life.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Empowered Woman : A Personality Profile

Being a woman in a patriarchal society has its own disadvantage but being a widowed woman just after four years of marriage, that’s too with a girl child may seem to be a curse sometimes.

But the society cannot stop a woman like Mina Mukherjee who knows no compromise and fights against all odds of the society. Although an unfamiliar name, her revolutionary traits make her an epitome of empowerment. She looks older than her age as her forehead bears the signs of her struggle.

An Income Tax Officer, Mrs. Mukherjee lost her dream of becoming a doctor in spite of topping the Medical Entrance exam because of her gender in a male-dominated family. Her struggle began since then.

After graduating in Chemistry, she experimented with diverse fields as she pursued a degree in English followed by Law. Her versatility also led her to different careers from a teacher to an auditor to a Sales Tax inspector to an Income Tax Officer.

She lost her husband just after four years of her marriage when her lonely voyage of life began. She greets everyone with a serene smile on her face though she knows many of them will not show up again after their work is done.

Her eyes glitter in enthusiasm as she talks about her dream to establish a charitable hospital. "I wish I can do something for the society so that people don’t die without treatment just because they don’t have money,” she quips.

A few drops of tears come up and she says, “ My husband wanted to change the society but time didn’t give chance to him. I don’t know how much time I have but I have to move on.”

Mrs. Mukherjee works five days a week which starts at 10 in the morning and she returns home at 8 pm. No family welcomes her. She misses her best friend that’s her daughter who has to stay away from her because of her work.

Mina brought her up alone and never allowed any obstacle to come in her daughter’s way. Since the age, when others celebrate their prime, she struggled through the evil gazes avoiding so-called sympathies, she managed to walk through the coarse road of life alone.

She faced oppositions in all spheres, her own brothers became hostile but her determination remained unshaken. She did break down sometimes but her indomitable spirit gave the courage to stand back.

“Strength lies within” ─ she believes, “you may get hurt, you may fall down but if you have will, you will go on”. Gardening takes most of her time on the weekends and the rest of the time she spends with her pets and newspapers and also doing other household works. After 21 years of struggle, she wants to retire.

Her loneliness sometimes becomes depression but everyone surrounding her gets a warm smile from her and many others get inspired.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Nonsense of the Self

It's been long that I have updated my blog, so I decide to update it today. But what should I write? Something interesting!!! Oh no!! It is a loaded do I define what 'interesting' is? What interests me might not interest you and what interests you might not interest me and this phenomenon can be applied to anyone and everyone and then nothing might not be interesting for anyone or the vice versa.
I give up!
I cannot write anything interesting. I am better with nonsensical things so I will dwell in that domain only. I will write nonsense.
When I read above, I realize, I am actually doing that. Nothing I have written so far make any sense; that indicates, I have acquired the skill of being nonsense even in my senses. My subconscious and the conscious minds must be acting in full coordination. Even I am unaware of the knowledge I have about myself, rather I have no idea about how much I know myself!!! But, who cares...the self will keep changing and so the limit of my knowledge will be extending...studying the self is such an eternal process. It's a laborious process would need me to leave everything else and just be engaged with the self, with an urge to discover endlessly and head towards an ambiguous destination. But, this would become too selfish for the world I live in, as self is something that occupies the least important space in it. There are pecuniary matters and the materials manufactured by the selves, which become more important to ponder upon. Thus, one has to be selfless yet adept in materials to be good and suitable to live a prosperous life.
I wonder, what selflessness is! If there is no self, how does one exist? And when we are born we bear ourselves, that suggests we are born to be selfish!!!
Uff!! My nonsense is going on and it can go on endlessly...let me think of some sense now, if I can actually!