Friday, April 3, 2015

Happiness Is...

Am I happy?

It seems to be an eternal question... Am I happy?

The more I try to find an answer to it, the more I complicate the question.

I wonder again... Am I happy?

While meandering upon thoughts of complexities of life on a summer afternoon, I hear the sound of water droplets touching the ground. My olfactory senses the first rain of the season.
I run to my balcony and I realize that my lips are stretched... I am smiling.

I ask again... Am I happy?

Days have passed, but the question remains unanswered.

On a lazy evening, I reflect... Am I happy?
The question appears too difficult, so I try to investigate and I ask... Am I sad?

Thinking about my sadness, I go up to the terrace and look at the stars.
Unknown to my conscious, my mind starts counting them. I feel an ecstasy running through my body.

I wonder... Am I happy?

I wake up one morning wondering... Am I happy?
I hear the birds chirping. I walk to the veranda and find two squirrels at their mischievous best. I realize that I could sense joy.

I rethink... Am I happy?

I look at the morning dew... I smile.
I look at the setting sun... I smile.
I drench in the monsoon rain... I smile.

I feel the afternoon heat in winter... I smile.
I find an ice-cream vendor in the midnight... I smile.
I see kids playing in the mud... I smile.

I see my mother crushing candies in her phone... I smile.
I look at my husband sleeping in peace... I smile.
I look at my image in the mirror... I smile.

And I ask again... Am I happy?

The question remains an enigma... but I know what happiness is!