Sunday, November 14, 2010


It was a stormy night...
lightning struck me -
My vision was burning,
everything seemed too bright.

My heart chilled,
my body was shivering;
You touched my hand...
and I stopped breathing.
I was alive before but never met life!
You moved your magic wand -
and took me through life.

I traveled... in the world of illusion
You held me tight.
I crawled, I stood,
I walked, I ran;
and then... I bent -
- You caught my arm
and you made me lie.

I opened my eyes, but could see nothing!
The bright world around seemed too dim.
My lips trembled,
my body shivered;
You touched my heart and the rhythm stopped.
I was never dead before but died many a time.
You took my breath out but you gave me life!

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